The FAQs of delayed flights compensation

Find out more about all the things that you have on your mind. Our staff will assist you with any question you may have but first it would be a great idea to take a look on these general questions firsts.

They represent the most acute concerns regarding this matter. It may save you some trouble and also educate you in ways that will help you navigate your situation more clearly. Everything that we have at your disposal is for you to benefit the way you like.

Any delayed flight deserves compensation. So don’t throw your rights away by not taking full advantage of your claim.


  • What is a Delayed Flight Compensation?

    If your flight is delayed or canceled you are entitled to receive a certain amount of money from the airline that is determined by the EU laws under the (EC) 261/2004.

  • How big must be the delay of the flight for me to make a claim?

    It is necessary for minimum 3 hours to pass before you will be able to file for compensation, or the flight to be canceled all together.

  • How much money will I get for my flight delay?

    This depends on the distance of your flight. You get 250 Euros for 1-1500 Km, 400 Euros from 1500-3500 Km and 600 Euros for 3500+ km.

  • How to check if my flight is eligible for compensation?

    If you think that your ticket is likely to qualify for delayed flight compensation then relay the flight information to us. There are exceptional situations that may prevent you from getting your money and other factors. We will check everything to assure you if you are entitled to get paid by the airline.

  • What are my chances of being compensated?

    Given that your flight corresponds to all the criteria our lawyers are able to offer you more than 97% chances.

  • How much it will cost me to file a claim and pursue my rights in court if necessary?

    You won’t have to pay a thing for any action that our legal team will take in your name. However if we do win your case our fee will be deducted from the sum that you will be compensated with.

  • How can I see if my delayed flight compensation claim expired?

    It depends on each country. In Germany you can claim nothing if 3 years have passed since your flight. After filling in all the data of your flight we will procure for you this information more accurately.

  • What destinations qualify for flight delays compensation?

    This compensation for delayed flights only works for EU regulated destinations or departures. Therefore you must have at least one European airport on your ticket for you to be able to demand payment.

  • How long will I have to wait before receiving the money from my claim?

    This depends on the airline. Some companies will acknowledge your rights others will take things to court seeking to discourage the passengers. Either case we will deliver what is due to you because we have a long experience with such tactics.

  • Why should you trust our legal team?

    We do this for a very long time and we are familiar with every process and situation that will arise from all legal actions. With our experience and resources you will have the best chances to cash in your payment with zero effort from your part.