Find out if you can receive up to 600€ in compensation

Was Your Flight Delayed? Or maybe it was cancelled? Did you miss your connection because of a previous flight?

  • Up to €600 in compensation

  • Millions of people get paid each year

  • No risks - commission fee only when you win

  • No bother - we take care of everything

How it works?

  • Check compensation

    Check your compensation by writing up all the requested details.

  • We do all the work

    Our team will contact the airline and start the retrieval process, regardless of any obstacles.

  • You get paid

    Once the airline submits your claim, we will forward you your money as stated under the terms and conditions agreement.

How much can you claim?
  • 250€


    Up to 1500km

  • 400€



  • 600€


    More than 3500km

Don't let a bad flight ruin your travels
  • Turn your luck around by cashing in up to 600 EUR from any airline operating within the European Union.

  • Although it's not a heavily guarded secret, not many passengers are aware of the European Commission 261/2004 Regulation.

  • Every day, more and more people realize that their time and discomfort is worth more than just a sandwich and an apology.


Claim your flight delay compensation from any airline at

If you had a flight delay, then you have a claim on delayed flight compensation. On the airline will pay you your flight delay compensation.

What is a flight delay compensation claim?

There are numerous reasons why flight delays are a frequent reality. They can range from mechanical issues to insufficient crew; any of that can qualify for an airline compensation claim. Thanks to the European Regulation EC 261/04, every flight that suffers from a delay must offer the passenger the right to cash in on up to 600 EUR, on the condition that the flight suffered a delay or cancellation greater than 3 hours.

The reason that you probably haven’t heard of these types of claim by now is that the airline company has no interest in offering you such free money. Even the entire process itself is quite complicated and it will take some time until you actually feel that money in your hands. And, at some level, any delayed flight may even affect their popularity. So, it’s only natural for them to avoid paying this money as much as possible, making compensation from airlines harder to get.

As a result, there are two ways in which an airline can ensure this situation in Delayed Flight Compensation. The airline is exempted from paying anything if it can prove that the delay occurred as a result of exceptional circumstances. Each country has its own legal system that regulates any type of flight delay but, overall, this must be in accordance with the European regulation. So, there should be no surprise if a strike or an abnormal meteorological condition may result in passengers not being entitled to such compensation. On, we will procure free claim calculator for you in order to see how big your airline compensation claim is.

How can you claim Delayed Flight Compensation?

So how you will be able to get your money from Delayed Flight Compensation? Well, the general rule here is that you have to wait more than 3 hours in order to be compensated. This is reasonable and easy to asses at almost every airline.

Another question on must people’s minds is how much money can you get from a claim like this? The short answer is that you won’t get rich, but we are talking about a reasonable pay out. The sum can range from 250 to 600 EUR. If you want to know for sure, use the calculator on this site to see what your airline compensation is. Depending on the distance, you’ll get the best idea from that. You’ll be able to receive a fixed amount as flight delay compensation that will be worth your time.

If there are no exceptional circumstances, and that’s for our experts to asses, then you will be good to go. If they take things to court, they must provide solid evidence for those circumstances. We will give them no quarter on making sure that all legal means will be used to benefit your case of flight delay. This service, and many more, will be at your disposal on our website. Just introduce the flight data to and wait for the money to come.


What are the best ways to get Flight Delay Compensation from an airline?

Some passengers have their own doubts so they may raise questions such as why they should choose us. There are two steps in respect to Delayed Flight Compensation that we cover with our extensive experience and expertise.

  • The proper validation for your claim – first of all, we check and double check everything to make sure that your claims fall into the following categories. We are talking about whether it is a delay, a cancelation, or simply overbooking. Only one of these reasons will ensure that you are eligible to get compensation from an airline. We will tell you for sure if it is your right to ask for their money or not.
  • The process that you need to follow – in order to get the money, you need to know what all the bureaucratic challenges are.


In other words, at we just follow these simple guide lines:

1. Just enter the flight data in the proper marked fields of the claim calculator.

2. If you are eligible for Delayed flight compensation claims, we will notify you immediately, relaying the good news to you.

3. The power of attorney – this is something that you sign giving us the power to pursue your legal claim. We will use this only for your respective delayed flight. As such, we will challenge whoever tries to block you from receiving compensation. Nobody will stand in the way of benefitting from your own rights from the airline in question.

4. We take care of every complication of your flight delay – whether this is paperwork or simple procedures, we won’t let them bother you. We will make everybody in question respect your rights, without troubling you with the bureaucracy and technicality of things.


Who can claim a Delayed Flight Compensation from an airline?

If your flight is delayed and you employ us then these are the things that we will do for you:

1. First we contact the airline and inform them about your situation. These people know the law and it shouldn’t be an issue. However, now and then, they like to challenge these claims and we are more than happy to prove them wrong. Such practices are quite common when it comes to delayed flight compensation pay out. If you are not represented chances are that they will take advantage of this. Also, they will drag you into a complicated process to make sure you quit and eventually will lose your money.

2. If the airline refuses to pay Delayed Flight Compensation, which rarely happens in the cases of legal representatives like us, we will take them to court.

3. We will support all the legal expenses of your flight delay claim, on the account that we will get them from the airlines. If we lose the case, something that usually never happens, we take the loss and you risk nothing.

4. Our team is well-versed and legally equipped in dealing with any issue of any delayed flight. The experience and knowledge of the history of the airlines helps us to navigate these waters of legal claim without reproach.

5. You won’t have to risk or invest a single dollar for these types of services, which we are more than happy to provide. Once we receive the compensation, we will subtract our more-than-reasonable fee. After this, you will receive the rest of the money from the delayed flight into your bank account.

Delayed Flight Compensation

Not everybody knows this about delayed flight compensation, so pay attention to this. Usually, people don’t get mixed up with the compensation process because of paperwork. Even when someone decides to make a claim, if you’re not a firm the company will most likely try to discourage you. So, expect them to throw every legal action at you in order to stop you from cashing in on the airline compensation that you deserve. At, this will never be a problem.

We as a company on the other hand, know what we are doing and how to extract Compensation for delayed flights. Thanks to our experience, we know what to expect. If you deserve this money and it’s in your rights you will get it through us. There will be no obstacles against us to prevent that.

The benefits of being represented while standing against an airline by choosing someone like us:

If we don’t win your case, then we will not ask you for a single cent. You will have nothing to lose but everything to gain from Delayed Flight Compensation like this.
Because you risk nothing you will have no stress about your delayed flight. We take care of everything and every problem that may arise along the way.
Even when things get complicated with the airline you will not have any problems with any paperwork or procedures. Your flight delay benefits will come in as smoothly as possible.
We are very transparent and will keep you informed at all times by telling you upfront of how much money is in it for you or what your claim looks like.


Flight Delay Compensation Claim

In order to clear the air we would also like you to know these general questions regarding your claim. This is what people usually ask us when their flight was delayed and I think you will find them interesting.

1. How long has to pass before a claim of compensation from any given airline expires?
It usually depends on the local legislation of each country. For example, in Germany one can expect it to be somewhere around 3 years. If 3 years passed since you had your unfortunate flight, then you are no longer entitled to receive any money. The time that passed is the most important thing regarding a flight delay.

2. What should I expect after putting in your delayed flight compensation data?
Well first, we will double-check it to make sure everything is in order. After that we will process your delayed flight. We will start by informing you, every step of the way, of the progress that we are making.

3. How long do I have to wait before receiving the money?
That depends of the airlines that we are dealing with. Every process or any flights delayed will have their own issues that we are going to clear out for you. We will keep you updated all the way and once we pass the first steps we will be able to offer you a better assessment. A claim for airline compensation must be carefully analysed.

4. What should I do if the airline contacts me?
It is not uncommon for them to employ these kinds of practices when you file a claim for delayed flights. Like so, they may offer you some kind of compensation, but this may not be the best or most profitable outcome for you. So, make sure that you notify us immediately to make sure that your passenger rights are fully respected. Don’t sell yourself short; you deserve more.


In Conclusion

Don’t let the airlines to take advantage of your air passenger rights. This compensation is your right and you are entitled to it. Claim your compensation for delayed flights in the most professional and reliable manner now!

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