Know Your Rights

Overbooked, Cancelled, Or Delayed Flight? Find Out Your Rights and Request Your Money Here

Why do I get compensations for flight delays?

According to the EU Regulations 261/2004 all passengers have the right for compensation during some special circumstances. They are as follow: when you cannot board, in case of the flight is canceled or what happens most often, in case of delayed flights. In 2004 on 17 February this measures went into effect for all EU members and the airlines that operates within them.

Who gets to claim the delayed flight compensation?

This is available for all passengers holding any nationality and any age. The sole condition is one in which they must have at least an EU airport on their ticket’s details. This will only apply if you made the reservation and presented yourself on time for the respective flight.

In what situations do I receive money as compensation for delayed flights?

There are 3 different scenarios in which you can do that:

  1. Your flight has a delay of 3 hours minimum
  2. Your flight is canceled all together
  3. The flight you were about to take is under overbooking

On top of financial compensation you to expect some other perks that you must receive beyond the sums that ranges from 250 Euros to 600 Euros. They consist of meals, refreshments, accommodation if necessary and of course the free transport between all of that.

Beyond these guide lines of common sense there are some things that will excuse the airline and will render your claim void. Therefore in case of poor weather under exceptional circumstances is the only situation in which you will not get a penny from the airline for your delayed flight.

Exempted situations for delayed flight compensation

In the following scenarios don’t get your hopes up because you won’t receive anything from them. We are talking here especially about cases in which:

  • The delay of the flight is in connection with a strike of some of the staff
  • Extreme weather conditions like exceptional powerful storms
  • Any incident regarding security at the airport and the country that hosts it
  • The medical emergency of one of the passengers
  • Some other particular motives that require our inquiry first in order to determine its nature