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Wizz Air flight compensation

Each year, approximately 9 million air passengers are entitled to reimbursement for cancelled or delayed flights. Unfortunately, over 80% of them do not know their rights – and never ask for repay from the airline. Did you book your fly with Wizz Air and your air trip was delayed or cancelled? You might be eligible to Wizz Air flight compensation.


Claim your flight delay compensation from Wizz Air

With the headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, Wizz Air is one of the most preferred low-cost commercial airlines that operates in Central and Eastern Europe. They transport over 23 million air passengers each year, and the flights tend to be rather punctual. Sometimes, flights are delayed or cancelled due to various reasons. If it was Wizz Air’s fault, the airline should provide passengers with reimbursement.

Perhaps you travelled with Wizz Air, and your airplane hasn’t arrived on time at the final destination. Depending on the flight distance and how late it landed, you can claim up to €600 as flight delay compensation. Although the airline has a reasonably reliable schedule, some flights may be delayed, cancelled, or overbooked.

If your air trip was delayed for more than 3 hours than the original arrival time, you must follow several steps to claim your flight delay compensation from Wizz Air:

  1. Keep the original flight documents if you can (delay statement, e-ticket, boarding pass, booking confirmation), as well as the receipts for your expenses if possible (if it was the case, for your food, drink, accommodation, taxi, etc.)
  2. Contact our customer service staff regarding Wizz Air’s flight problems. Ask about the reason for the delay, check the weather, and note down whether other flights are delayed.
  3. Record the details of your air travel – flight number, length of the delay, and the arrival and departure schedule. Anything can help.
  4. Claim your flight delay compensation from Wizz Air – fill the form or application on our website with the details of your flight, and submit it to the airline to claim reimbursement for flight delay/cancellation.


Are you eligible for flight cancellation compensation?

According to EU261/2004, any passengers who had experienced flight delays for more than 3 hours, cancellations without any prior notice, or denied boarding due to overbooked flights can claim compensation up to €600 from the airline operating the flight. You planned your air travel with Wizz Air, and they failed to get you to the destination on time? You are entitled to claim Wizz Air flight cancellation compensation.

Filling a claim against the airline on your own demands knowing your rights. Maybe Wizz Air declares extraordinary circumstances when the delay or cancellation was actually under the airline’s control and responsibilities. In this case, they will reject your claim for reimbursement, or not answer to your emails. What can you do? Report your issue to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

You could claim your Wizz Air flight compensation, or let us take care of it and contact the airline for you. The AirClaim team is in place with access to all the information about Wizz Air flights. With minimal effort for you and no risk, we will get your compensation amount on time from the airline. When was your delayed/cancelled flight?