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Jet2 flight compensation

You’ve been waiting for this vacation for a while now, only to find out that your trip to sunny Spain is cancelled. The operating airline – Jet2 – didn’t provide much information regarding your cancelled flight. However, they came with a solution and rerouted your flight. What are your options? When are you entitled to claim flight compensation from Jet2?


How to request Jet2 flight delay compensation

Currently, the UK’s fourth largest airline, Jet2 has a big focus on leisure destination. They operate flights to more than 50 places renowned for ski, sun, and city, and depart from 9 UK airports, including London Stansted, Edinburgh, Newcastle, and Manchester. Their focus destinations are primarily in the Mediterranean, Spain, and New York. You booked your air travel towards one of these havens and your flight was delayed or cancelled? Depending on the distance of the journey and how long was the delay, you might be entitled to claim up to 600 Euros.

The air travel didn’t go as planned? As regulated by EU261/2004, if you travelled up to 1,500 km or less, and the airplane landed with 2 hours delay, you can claim up to 250 Euros as compensation for delayed flight. But if the distance of your travel with Jet2 was longer than 3,500 km and arrived with a delay of 3-4 hours, you are entitled to reimbursement up to 600 Euros. Here are the steps you should follow to request flight delay repay:

  • Make copies of your flight documents if you can. Keep the originals and give the copies to us, together with your compensation letter.
  • We will contact the Jet2 customer service and find the reason behind the delay. If it was due to “extraordinary circumstances,” and it wasn’t the airline’s fault, you are no longer eligible for reimbursement.
  • We will keep records of any communication between us and Jet2. The files might be useful at a later date when seeking for help to receive flight compensation.


Should you claim flight cancellation compensation from Jet2?

Jet2.com rarely cancels a flight or denies a passenger boarding. When that happens, your international flight departs with a delay over 5 hours, or your flight is cancelled and rerouted, the airline allows you to cancel your booking and receive a full refund of your delayed flight. What you encounter problems settling an agreement with Jet2, the AirClaim team will provide your assistance to claim flight compensation from the airline.

If the delay or cancellation of your domestic flight was under the airline’s control, Jet2 should provide flight compensation. Regardless of the ticket price, a delay of at least 3 hours is a good reason to get reimbursement. The total compensation depends on the length of the delay and the distance of your trip. Plus, the airline should reimburse the expenses caused by the delay/cancellation, including food, drinks, and accommodation.

You booked your air travel with Jet2.com, and your flight was delayed or cancelled? Fill the application form on AirClaim webpage, and find out how much you should receive from the airline. Fight for your rights, and claim flight compensation for your loss of time!