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EasyJet flight compensation

When easyJet delays or cancels your flight, you can still make the best out of a bad situation. Your vacation plans shouldn’t be ruined by the flight that would have brought you to your destination. Get to the airport on time, and, if they announce a delay or cancellation, get ready to request your easyJet flight compensation.


Things to know before you’d claim flight delay compensation from easyJet

EasyJet is now one of the pioneers of budget air travel, with 17 domestic flights and international transports to over 30 countries. The low-cost airline transported over 88 million passengers in 2018, so no wonder it became the UK’s top airline in terms of passengers carried. EasyJet is chosen by both leisure and business travelers. Are you one of them and your flight was delayed because of easyJet’s fault? Here are several things you must find out before requesting reimbursement:

  • For flights up to 1,500 km – easyJet provides refreshment vouchers to the value of £3 or €4.50 per person for every 2 hours of delay. If you do not receive the coupon from the Ground Crew, the airline will reimburse you the same amount in exchange for your expense’s receipts.
  • For flights over 1,500 km – they offer vouchers of £3 or €4.50 per passenger for every 3 hours of delay. After these 3 hours, you can also give 2 phone calls, emails, or messages.
  • For delays longer than 5 hours – easyJet enables changing your flight for a later date or cancel your ticket and apply for a full refund.

Know your rights before choosing any of these options provided by easyJet. According to the European law EU 261, air passengers who fly from or to a European destination are entitled to 600 Euro as flight delay/cancellation compensation if the airline is to blame.


Forget what the airline would offer you and request flight cancellation compensation

The experts from AirClaim recommend keeping evidence of your flight documents, length of the delay, as well as the reason behind the incident. Did your plane reach the destination with a long delay, your boarding was denied due to overbooking, or your flight cancelled for other causes than “extraordinary circumstances”? You may be eligible to claim flight delay/cancellation compensation from easyJet.

The time of the delay depends on the length of the air journey. Insert your information in the calculator on the AirClaim main page, and find if you are entitled to claim 600 Euro as reimbursement for cancelled flight. Did easyJet announce the cancellation more than 14 days of your departure, or less than 7 days before leaving? The answer is significant to get maximum flight repay from the airline.

You were delayed for more than 3 hours, and easyJet blamed it on a technical problem? Do your homework and fill the application form on our website to request reimbursement for delayed/cancelled flight. Don’t let this entire experience bring you down before your vacation or business trip. Claim flight compensation from easyJet, tell us what went wrong with your air trip, and don’t forget to keep copies of your claim and any response you may get.