Will Covid 19 change the design of airports permanently?

The coronavirus pandemic has produced major changes in all industries, especially in public spaces. Airports are no exception. Several airport design specialists discuss how airports will approach a new, different design in the years to come.

In short, Covid 19 stopped the tourism industry. Most borders have been closed globally and commercial flights have been drastically reduced. All these measures were taken as a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Of course, since the beginning of the summer season, some countries have decided to gradually reopen their borders for foreign visitors, but for the airline industry this pandemic has caused great turbulence, with traffic falling in some airports by up to 90%.

However, the future of airports will have to undergo drastic changes to limit the spread of germs and to help passengers feel completely safe. Certainly, Covid 19 has a strong impact on the expectations of travelers, especially in airports and enclosed spaces, to ensure social distance and all necessary measures to prevent the spread of viruses.

In recent months, the World Health Organization has constantly warned the population to avoid crowded spaces, and to maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other. Finally, it is speculated that the distance measures will be relaxed. However, airports need to adapt to the new rules.

The new projects aim at the efficient use of the terrestrial and air space as well as the terminal facilities, so that there are no more areas with a high density of passengers. To reduce traffic in heavily trafficked areas, airports need to rethink strategies to attract passengers to atypical areas. This can be encouraged by offering unique facilities that encourage passengers to venture away from the entrance / arrival gates. You can add simple lounges, chairs and benches, shops, things that would help improve the passenger experience.