Wildcat strikes sweep Europe and EU takes action so flight delay compensations get extended

The European Union made a decision that took by surprise many actors in the flight industry. Even if this wasn’t the norm before starting from today we are possibly going to have to be used with it. The strikes of personnel are not to be considered exceptions when come to compensating passenger for their delays. In other words if your flight is delayed due to a strike there is a very good chance that you’ll be eligible for a compensation claim.

Delayed Flight Compensation Claim in case of strikes

These types of protest carry the name of “wildcat strikes”. The reason why this rule was implemented is thanks to the German airline TUIfly. This airline suddenly woke up with all of its personnel taking vacation all at once protesting some of the company’s measures. In general all strikes are in coordination with unions and pre-planned. But in some cases such as this one the company woke itself up with situations where the staff walks out unannounced. This type of behavior causes disturbances not just for the company but for the passengers as well.

Therefore for this cumbersome experience it is only normal for passengers to ask for compensation for delayed or canceled flights. These compensation claims will range from 250 Euros to 600 Euros. This will add up also to those strikes that the company knew about. So the legal escape path in which airlines ditched the compensations is narrowing.

Under these circumstances many airlines complained because their low profit margins give little maneuvering space for such decisions. In the end all should work best for the passengers. But the battle is not ever here. The airlines will take it to the European Commission to see if they can bring the strikes back into the exceptional circumstances exemption paragraph.

If you were a victim of such delay or cancelation then this article should be good news for you.