Why the UK does not test Covid passengers on arrival

Until last week, a holiday in the Netherlands, France or many other European countries and beyond meant for the British isolation at home for two weeks. The same applies to those who went to the UK to work in a European country, with many cases of Covid 19. This measure was applied to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus.

However, some countries, such as Iceland, offer passengers the opportunity, on arrival, to choose the region they come from and if you have been in an area at high risk of coronavirus.

Anyone entering the UK at this time must be quarantined for 14 days or tested for Covid 19.

Germany also performs mandatory tests at its airports for anyone arriving from a high-risk country.

Why is Britain no longer sending all passengers into isolation?

The head of Heathrow Airport has asked the government to allow airports to test passengers for coronavirus, to avoid isolating everyone entering the country. The government has analyzed this requirement and weighed the advantages, disadvantages and risks of testing and concluded that it does not intend to reintroduce testing, as it is very difficult both logistically and risks some coronavirus cases. not to be identified.

Instead, requiring passengers to isolate themselves for 14 days reduces the risk to public health and keeps quarantine measures under control.

And the airlines are pushing forward the idea of ​​testing passengers, in order to save as much as possible the holiday season. But, according to specialists, no test is perfect. Although most tests are safe and accurate, they can sometimes give a false negative result. This means that some people who have taken the test can be identified as having a negative result, when in fact they are positive and can spread the virus.

Thus, at this time, only passengers coming from countries with a high risk of infection enter quarantine for 14 days.

Why can false results of Covid 19 virus appear?

People who have the virus very early in the body may not have enough of the test to detect it in the body. It may take several days for it to incubate so that it reaches detectable levels.

For this reason, the UK government says precautions must be taken. And quarantine means that if every traveler who comes from an area at high risk of infection isolates himself for 14 days, does not go to the store or public places, the risk of spread is extremely low.

Of course, no policies or tests are infallible, they only reduce the risk of infection of the population.