Volcano erupts in Japan sending all flights in disarray with a cascade of cancelations and delays

There are few situations in which things can look so bleak. Shinmoedake volcano awoke to mess up the schedule of all flights within and connected with the area of south Japan. Many European passengers had the unpleasant surprise to experience the unwelcomed effects of such events on their own plans.

It is amazing to see the power of some smoke and ashes thrown into the sky and what it can do to an economy. Airlines are the first ones to feel its effects. The thousands of meter eruption has not shown any signs of ending the activity of the volcano any time soon. Experts believe it is likely to keep at it for a few more days. This is terrible news for any airline company and as well for its passengers.

Delayed flight compensation claims will not be reimbursed to passenger following the Japan volcano eruption

Because of these circumstances more than 80 flights suffered from cancelation. Due to the No.261/2004 European Parliament regulation, this situation goes in the category of exceptional situations. For this reason you will not be able to cash-in any claim that you make for the delay of your flight.

This represents one of the best examples of exemption from compensation in case of cancelation or delay. Japan is known for its high seismic activity. So event like this one shouldn’t come with any surprise. There is a highly possibility when flying to these parts of the Pacific that Japan’s 110 volcano may get in your way.

If that happens don’t count on the delayed flight compensation claims because none of them will be reimbursed. So in conclusion if you have some problems with your flight check first with accredited legal representatives in order to see if you are to receive your rightful compensation.