Things we need to know about airplanes in this pandemic period

Passengers return cautiously to daily activities and routine, especially when it comes to air travel. Then they should consider some useful tips to keep in mind to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus.

Even airlines provide a series of tips and recommendations that passengers should keep in mind when traveling by plane. The number of passengers has dropped dramatically this year, with only a third passing through airports this year compared to the previous year.

Commercial flights also fell by up to 43% in the United States, a percentage that has now fallen in early fall, compared to 77% in April this year.

The future of aviation remains uncertain after the pandemic hit. The lobby industry is making huge efforts to prevent mass layoffs. However, here are some things that some companies in the United States have promised to do to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus.

American, Delta and Southwest have promised to keep the middle seat free to provide as much social space as possible in the cockpit. However, flights fell by more than half compared to the same period last year. Airlines are struggling to find alternatives and offer the most attractive fares for passengers, to make them travel. Traditionally, in autumn the rates are lower, but this year the offers are even more advantageous, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Compared to last year, the average price of a plane ticket has decreased by 38%. Airlines have reduced the number of flights to boost traffic. This puts passengers at a disadvantage because they no longer have so many options for selecting a flight in the desired range.

This year, many people prefer to stay in their home country due to restrictions, and those who have had a vacation and booked it close to home. It is a different year than the rest and will probably remain in the history of 2020 as one with the biggest economic crisis in the field of aviation.