Things to do when Lufthansa cancels flights

Lufthansa cancels flights and you deserve compensation for it

Well, determining the nature of your flight disruption is just part of the equation when Lufthansa cancels flights. Once you established that you have a real claim you must move on to contacting the airline. This is a far more complicated process because every airline has its own procedure. Some companies, not many, like to help their customer by offering them a form for them. Once they fill it on their website they can receive some kind of compensation if they validate it first. Others prefer to make this form as hidden as possible.

All that while others try to offer you voucher and some petty gifts instead, not the case for Lufthansa however. Other airlines just mention some of you rights and gives you an email where they MIGHT respond in a month time.

Establishing a way of contact with the airline when an airline cancels flights is a challenge for many people. Providing the right documentation in a back and forth communication lines can take weeks and even months. And even so, many passengers don’t even understand the right terminologies. Also many can’t even make the difference between a booking reference and a flight number.


This is how much you need to get every time Lufthansa cancels flights

Creating such obstacles there is no doubt that some companies uses them to deter passenger. When Lufthansa cancels flights they usually respect the passengers rights but better safe than sorry. They try like this to make them quit following their right for compensation up to the end. After the lengthy and complicated process of providing the airline with all your data, as if they wouldn’t already have most of the information about you, the negotiation process starts.

In this phase the airline, most of them at least, will try to convince you that your cancellation happened under extraordinary circumstances. Lufthansa are pretty straight forward about it. If you don’t have the knowledge or the resources to contradict them it will be very hard for you to pass this trial. Not to mention that it will be impossible to cash in your payment.

Once the negotiations regarding the nature of your flight ends, another form of compensation is brought into attention. This is guarantee especially when you experience a situation where you deal with an airline that cancels flights. All the expenses that you’ve made with transport, food, drinks or hotel etc, all of these can be reimbursed by the air company.