The salaries of airport workers could be increased

Labor unions are encouraging a move on Wednesday to boost wages for workers at New York airports. The same measure provides for the improvement of medical services for them.

This new proposal follows the coronavirus pandemic, as the aviation industry has been severely affected. Lawmakers say airport workers cannot benefit from health insurance through their employment at airports or even lost their insurance during the pandemic.

Therefore, the measure would require the payment of all salaries by airport contractors to those working in airports, until September 2021 inclusive.

In New York, the airports are the busiest and with the busiest traffic in the entire American state or maybe even compared to the global level. Thus, most employees affected by the coronavirus pandemic are also there. Therefore, the President of the Assembly, Carl Heastie, declares that now, more than ever, these workers must be financially supported and deserve all the necessary protections, being compensated correctly, having access to the medical services provided.

The union also mentions that many employees worked during the pandemic without adequate personal protective equipment and that most of them are black workers.

Airport workers are essential to deliver services in full safety, protection and hygiene, ensuring the sanitation of terminals, aircraft, keeping passengers safe while the economy continues to operate.

In this sense, a good measure is needed to transform these low-wage jobs into ones with good benefits and advantages, which will strengthen both the American community and the economy. It remains to be seen whether this idea will be implemented and become official.