The best way to claim a Lufthansa compensation

Lufthansa compensation and the steps on getting it

Once you set all of these things in order you will have to wait finally for your Lufthansa compensation payment. This will also take some time and if you are lucky after all this struggle and complicated journey you will eventually enjoy the money that is rightfully yours.

You can go through all this process with Lufthansa or you can just choose a better way. The better way represents a simpler and much easier path when dealing with Lufthansa. You can employ a company specialized in this type of litigation. There are a number of them on the Internet and they all charge you a percentage. Some charge more, others charge less but in the end they will all claim some portion of your money.

Who can help you get a Lufthansa compensation

Our company has a long history in dealing with matters of Lufthansa compensation. Because we understand that a deal must be in the interest of both parties, we decided to lower our fee to only 10%. This will be subtracted at the end out of your compensation. We do all that by taking in consideration all the risks resulting from such actions. If the case falls short, all the expenses will burden the shoulders of our company. It goes without saying that you won’t have to pay a dime. If your case will be successful we will only ask for our fee AFTER the airline wire the money.

Therefore if you complete the form on our site and it won’t cost you a thing to get your compensation. Because of that all you will have to do is to wait for us to win your battles for you. With all our experience, with all of our numerous ways of combating the airlines tactics and with the help of our legal partners you will have the best chances to claim your right.

According to EC 261/2004 you have to receive money as payment for all your problems with Lufthansa. As a result no matter how many obstacles an airline will throw at you they shouldn’t get away with it.