The ability of pilots of an A380 at Heathrow Airport

While the storm has hit the UK, a video posted on the internet shows the ability and agility of some pilots who manage to land an A380 at Heathrow Airport.

The ability of two pilots was captured in a video filmed by a passenger as they landed on the largest passenger plane in the world, as Dennis hit the storm at Heathrow Airport.

There were strong winds up to 50 kilometers per hour in London, on the main airport on Saturday, as the fourth storm hit in just a few days after the Ciara storm.

Dozens of flights were canceled at Heathrow airport, but Etihad pilots managed to land in one attempt, steering the aircraft along the runway to make a “crab” landing – it is a specific, high-skilled maneuver in which the aircraft turns against the wind so it can land safely.

Etihad confirmed that the aircraft flew from Abu Dhabi to London. Dennis storm brought large material damage, while one person was killed, flood alerts and strong winds were issued over the weekend. Also, flights, train journeys and school activity were disrupted by this storm.

Below you will find the video in which the spectacular landing made by experienced pilots is captured, in which all the passengers landed safely.