Tarom – price of the new direct race Bucharest – New York

The general director of the national aviation company Tarom Romania, said that, from 2020, the direct flights from Bucharest to New York could resume. The ticket price would cost about $ 1000. Currently, Tarom is only in talks with the largest airport in the American metropolis, but most likely, the collaboration will be successfully completed.

However, there are many things to develop, according to the statement of the director, because, being such a long distance route, many interventions are needed. The target airport will be JFK, the largest airport in New York, and the number of flights will be around 4-5 per week. ”

The distance is 14 thousand kilometers and, for the moment, will be performed with a single aircraft to be purchased by the company in operational leasing for 6 months, with the option of extension.

However, the representative of Tarom company also mentions that Bucharest could become, in this case, a regional hub, since it could not be based solely on the passengers in Bucharest. Passengers are expected to be included from Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova or even the Middle East.

At the moment, the route is at the project stage, but once completed, it will definitely be a very important route for this area.

This race was initially conducted from 1994 until 2003, when a prime minister at that time decided to stop the American dream.