Sydney Airport plans to become a post-pandemic leader

The aviation industry is extremely affected globally due to the coronavirus pandemic. Western Sydney International Airport is under development and is scheduled to open in 2026. Its construction is based on the latest construction and planning technologies.

In 2020, the aviation industry suffered the most from restrictions, with 4.6 billion fewer passengers than in 2019. This phenomenon has led to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and even caused the bankruptcy of some companies.

And yet, the aviation sector is quite strongly impregnated among the consumer’s habit, which is why it will gradually recover, although it is a long way to full recovery. Airlines, airports and all third-party suppliers must adapt to the new flight conditions and optimize their experience to deal with a post-pandemic era.

The new airport in Australia is scheduled to open in 2026 and its owner wants to make it the best airport in the world. The best airport in the world means the user experience using the latest technologies, along with impressive and modern design.

The airport wants to use technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and security, which offer passengers a unique, stress-free experience from the moment they enter the airport until they reach their destination.

In general, airports are becoming more “smart” around the world, using technologies such as facial recognition instead of physical document checks to reduce waiting times and bottlenecks.

The purpose of Sydney Airport is to meet all the needs of passengers, operators, airport employees and industry employees, a need that will be addressed as a matter of priority in the planning and implementation process.

The airport is an excellent example of innovation in smart infrastructure planning and development“, said Bob Easton, president of Accenture Australia and New Zealand.