Sweden – about the lesser known tourist destination

Are you one of the travel enthusiasts and you want to constantly discover places that will really impress you? Sweden is one of the right destinations for a memorable adventure.

Before crossing Sweden, however, it would be good to know a few things about it and about Swedish culture. Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a Scandinavian nation, which includes thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, which adds beauty to the beautiful landscape.

Here are some useful tips and a mini-guide to deepen your knowledge of Swedish culture:

Swedish is widely spoken in Sweden

About 90% of the population is fluent in English, the national language of the country, being taught as a compulsory language in all schools in Sweden. In short, if you intend to visit Sweden, it is not necessary to know a language other than English.

The Swedes love coffee

Traditionally, Swedes are encouraged to drink coffee and are heavy coffee drinkers. Fika is called the tradition by which the Swedes came together to serve coffee, tea or sweets, being an important opportunity to strengthen ties between people.

About snus

Snus is a pasteurized, smoke-free, smoke-free, cleaner and more discreet tobacco product that appeared more than 300 years ago in Sweden and is usually found in bags. The Swedes produce and distribute it abroad. Sweden has the lowest number of smokers, so the smoking mortality rate is the lowest in the world.

Traits of the Swedes

No matter where they wait, everywhere you can see queues with calm and quiet people: at the pharmacy, at the bar, at the supermarket. They are a nation of people who follow the rules and force others to adapt to their orderly lifestyle.

However, they are some of the most reserved people, although they are quite friendly and usually answer any question. But they are quite strict when it comes to following the rules and punctuality.

Also, as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the one who offered you accommodation or was your host during the holidays, the Swedes are used to receiving small attentions, a symbolic gift of appreciation for what they offered you.

In short, in Sweden you can visit: the Ice Hotel, the capital Stockholm, Visby, the Drottningholm Royal Estate, the Sami Ethnic, Karlskrona, Kiruna.