Study – the best airports in the world in 2020

Skyrax also conducted a study this year on the top 100 airports in the world, according to customer votes. In the 21st year since this report, the rating company has launched a prestigious list of airports since March, shortly before the population enters the pandemic period and the aviation system begins to be very affected.

This report evaluated more than 550 airports around the world, based on 39 categories that include terminal comfort, ambiance and design. Also, among the criteria are the public transport options, the ensured efficiency and the prices offered, as well as the training of the staff and the way in which they behave with the passengers.

Again, Asian and European airports are leading the way, with airports in North America and Australia having positions only at number 20. Asia has won the most airports this year, with 8 positions in the top 10, worldwide. Vancouver International is the only airport in America that has managed to reach the top 20.

20th place – Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

19th place – Copenhagen Airport

18th place – Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

17th place – Melbourne Airport

16th place – Vienna International Airport

15th place – Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

14th place – Frankfurt Airport

13th place – Vancouver International Airport

12th place – London Heathrow Airport

11th place – Zurich Airport

10th place – Kansai International Airport

9th place – Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

8th place – Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport

7th place – Tokyo Narita International Airport

6th place – Hong Kong International Airport

5th place – Munich Airport

4th place – Incheon International Airport in Seoul

3rd place – Hamad International Airport in Doha

2nd place – Tokyo International Airport

1st place – Singapore Changi Airport