Some experts say that the risk of getting infected with Covid 19 in an airplane is lower than previously thought

The risk of illness when traveling by plane is lower than speculated, say some experts in the field, if you know why to avoid and how to take the necessary precautions.

Most viruses and bacteria do not spread easily during flights due to the way air circulates and is filtered in the air filtration system of aircraft.

However, the opinions of the experts are divided. Even if we see various videos online in which, if a person sneezes, we see how germs and bacteria spread around. But it can be the same in a store or in any closed and very crowded space, not only in an airplane.

First of all, if you choose to travel by plane, during the pandemic it is recommended to see the state of health and the approval of the state in which you will travel and the recommendations imposed by the respective country.

In terms of air circulation, experts say they are as safe as air in hospitals. Hepa filters are also used in hospitals and remove 99.97% of all airborne particles. Basically, the air would always circulate cleanly with the help of air systems.

The planes receive up to 10-12 air recirculations per hour, which is equal to what the CDC recommends for airborne isolation rooms in hospitals. And they also believe that the spread of influenza and coronavirus is achieved only by large drops of saliva.

Therefore, in theory at least, the risk of infection with the new coronavirus in an airplane is lower than in an office building or commercial space.

However, if it is not absolutely necessary, specialists recommend avoiding crowded areas and travel as much as possible. If we travel, we must wear a protective mask and follow all disinfection procedures and social distance.