Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Compensation

Scandinavian Airlines flight delay compensation claim

Scandinavian Airlines flight delay compensation is reserved for all passengers that suffered from a flight disruption and having at least one European Union destination on their ticket.

In order for someone to receive a Scandinavian Airlines compensation some criteria have to be met first. Primarily the disruption of the flight must be for at least 3 hours. Also this must occur in a situation that is not triggered by an extraordinary circumstance.

When referring to a Scandinavian delay compensation we must understand that this includes a payment that varies between 250 and 600 EUR. This is reserved for each person’s claim found on the affected flight’s booking.

Basically the same rules and conditions apply for a Scandinavian Airlines cancelled flight compensation as well. Practically every flight disruption falls under the EC Regulation 261/2004.

When dealing with a Scandinavian Cancelled flight compensation many factors need to be taken into consideration. If you cannot or don’t want to deal with all the technical and legal aspects there is a simple and safe solution to handle your claim.

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