Quarantine measures prevent the resumption of aviation in Africa and the Middle East

AMMAN – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on the governments of Africa and the Middle East to impose testing on Covid 19 at airports, so that the economy of air transport can resume.

There are currently 35 countries in Africa and the Middle East that have instituted quarantine measures imposed by the government. Basically, the region remains effectively blocked. According to statistics, 88% of travelers do not take into account a destination where quarantine is required in the destination country.

Quarantine measures prevent people from traveling. However, the intention of governments is to protect the citizens of each country from infection with the new coronavirus. However, destination testing could be an alternative method of protection, in order to reopen the economy and jobs in tourism.

Travelers agree to destination testing and, they say, those who test negative for Covid 19 should not be quarantined.

Quarantine, closed borders and travel restrictions continue to diminish travel demand in Africa and the Middle East. Thus, the total passenger traffic in Africa was 93.7% lower than the previous year and 95.5% in the Middle East compared to 2019.

In terms of the aviation system, it had more than 6.2 million jobs and $ 56 billion in GDP in Africa before Covid 19. There are 2.4 million jobs in the Middle East and 130 billion jobs in the Middle East. dollars in GDP. Thus, the economic impact of the air traffic crash could be 3.5 million jobs lost and $ 35 billion in GDP in Africa and 1.5 million jobs lost in the Middle East and $ 85 billion in GDP in the East. Middle.

Therefore, experts say economics, testing could be a safe alternative to avoid quarantine, to stop the economic and social disaster caused by Covid 19.