Project – how the interior of the planes might look like in the future

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly influenced and changed everyone’s way of life – from socializing, traveling to living. Traveling by plane is still far from being able to comply with the rules of social distance imposed by the pandemic, although attempts are being made to comply with all precautions and hygiene.

However, the designers are thinking about how they could build the cabin of an airplane, so as to prevent as much as possible the spread of viruses between passengers.

A team of designers, PriestmanGoode from Great Britain, launched a new concept of post-pandemic aircraft cabins, which emphasizes the hygiene and the space kept between the passengers, so that they feel safe and relaxed enough during the trip.

First, the team reinvented the business class and economy class. Thus, the passengers who are currently in economy class, will be seated in a staggered seating configuration, so that they can travel alone, in groups or in pairs. Also, the split screens are placed at the end of each row to keep them at a distance, and the entertainment systems have been replaced with their own passenger devices.

In business class, however, things are a little different in the new design concept. They will fly in a completely enclosed space, partitioned with curtains, complete with light and temperature control systems, as well as an individual luggage storage closet and an entertainment system synchronized with the passenger device.

Last but not least, the cabin of the future has minimalist design concepts, antimicrobial materials, lines divided between seats. Also, cleaning and disinfection takes place with ultraviolet light.

Finally, both passengers and employees are part of this project, the aim being to increase their safety during the flight, but with quite high costs and commitment from the airlines.