Over 100 canceled flights to Barcelona Airport

The airport in Barcelona was blocked by hundreds of protesters last day, so over 100 flights were canceled due to this unpleasant situation. Dozens of people were injured in clashes with law enforcement.

The fury of the Catalans was triggered after the conviction of 9 leaders with up to 13 years in prison, as a result of the attempt to declare Catalonia’s independence in 2017. Apparently, they were found guilty for rebelling the population.

According to Mediafax, 78 people were injured during the protest at El Prat airport, where the biggest problems are. Also, the rail traffic was affected equally, having to cancel 50 races.

Because of the crowd, law enforcement were forced to use sticks in an attempt to disperse crowds gathered at the Barcelona airport to maintain the protest. They gathered near the subway, inside the main terminal. The protesters kept multiplying, so that, at one point, the temporary stop of the subway was taken into account.

El Prat Airport is the largest airport in Spain by number of passengers and one of the largest in Europe. Elsewhere in Spain, hundreds of students and other protesters express their gratitude, such as near the headquarters of certain government institutions.

The whole problem comes from 2017, when Catalonia organized a referendum on independence from Spain. However, even if the result was pro-independence, it was not approved by the Constitutional Court of Spain. Although the Catalan Parliament proclaimed independence, it subsequently suspended the decision. Subsequently, some leaders received a sentence of between 9 and 13 years in prison, hence the dissatisfaction of the people who came out to protest.

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