Istanbul – the first museum in an airport

Istanbul Airport inaugurated a museum. It aims to educate and inspire passengers who cross its threshold, and the exhibitions will change annually, bringing together important artifacts from Turkish history.

Istanbul Airport has inaugurated the first museum in an airport for international passengers. The first exhibition brings together 316 different artifacts from 29 museums across the country.

The facets of the museum’s exhibition are designed to familiarize airport passengers with Turkish culture and to match the exceptional experience of the traveler who crosses its threshold. With the inauguration of this museum, Istanbul Airport joins the major airports in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Cairo and Athens that include a museum.

Among the first Turkish exhibitions and artifacts are the Treaty of Kadesh, which is the first known peace treaty in human history, as well as talisman / kaftan jackets belonging to Ottoman sultans. Along with important Anatolian artifacts for world cultural history, the museum also includes sections dedicated to children, with interactive features to help them explore and understand the museum’s exhibits.

The Istanbul Airport Museum intends to change the artifacts every year and offer a new concept to passengers. In addition, it provides introductory information on 18 Turkish landmarks that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Kadri Samsunlu, CEO and CEO of İGA Airport Operation Inc., said in a press release about the opening of the airport, stating that “Airports have an important place in our lives because they are the first stop for people to discover new places. With this in mind, we continue our efforts at Istanbul Airport in order to turn the time spent at the airport into a unique travel experience.Our goal is to make our passengers escape the stress of travel by focusing on the art and culture and, thus, to enjoy a pleasant and memorable travel experience … With this museum, we managed to gather some original artifacts under one roof, which would otherwise be impossible to see in one visit. The passenger who set foot in Turkey will now have the chance to see all the extremely important artifacts of our history in one museum“.