How to get home if you get infected with Covid 19 in other country

Since travel restrictions were lifted in many countries around the world in early summer, many tourists have preferred to spend their summer vacation in a country other than their home country. Although tourism has declined substantially, those who are accustomed to traveling frequently have resumed the habits of some of them.

However, many passengers prefer to postpone or cancel trips for fear of becoming infected with the new coronavirus in the state they would like to reach. If found positive, they should be hospitalized in a foreign state and receive care from strangers. Or, for many, this simply frightens them.

If you are tested positive for the new coronavirus in another country, the problem is that you can no longer board a commercial plane to take you back home. You will be automatically forced into quarantine or, as the case may be, to be hospitalized at the nearest hospital. You will receive medical treatment according to the norms of the respective country.

Therefore, you cannot leave the country where you were tested positive for the new coronavirus, only after you heal and the tests will show negative results. Currently, no airline accepts passengers on board the aircraft who are tested positive for the new coronavirus or simply have symptoms. Depending on the country you are in, you will follow the rules of isolation or hospitalization, until you heal.

In order to avoid infection with Covid 19 while on holiday in another country, it is essential to follow all the rules of hygiene and social distance.