How to get compensated for a Lufthansa claim

What are the requirements to obtain a compensation for a Lufthansa claim

From the initial plan you will have to wait minimum 3 hours to be able to demand a Lufthansa claim. If you stay even for a second more than that then the airline is simply good to pay. Therefore the duration of waiting in the airport thanks to the failure of the airline to deliver on their promise is one of the major factors here. It can be influencing a compensation claim decision in a significant manner.

Another aspect that also raises an important issue in this industry is about whether or not an extraordinary circumstance took place for your flight delay. This is basically one of the few defenses that an airline like Lufthansa has against their obligation to deliver on their promise. An extraordinary circumstance often represents something that an airline couldn’t foresee or prevent. For example a very bad weather could qualify for this. This qualifies just as much as air traffic control delays or even airport problems.

How to challenge a refusal for a Lufthansa claim compensation

Now you must understand that not every bad weather or circumstance can fall into this category of claims. Therefore the intensity and occurrence of such situations have to be analyzed first. If you don’t have the resources for these kinds of checking then you have a problem. It will be very hard for you to demand anything in case of a refusal.

Luckily there are solutions for these matters in order to cash in your compensation. There are many companies who have both the experience and the resources to take on the big companies for you. These companies are specialized in investigating claims and bringing facts to the airline that cannot be challenged. If the airline still decide to refuse the payments then other steps follow that eventually may result in you receiving your well-deserved money.

But all these services usually are not for free and everything comes at a cost if you want to file for a Lufthansa claim. These companies accept to fight for your rights in exchange for a fee for flight delays and cancelled flights both. This fee can vary and on average is about 25% of the total value that the airline owes to you.