How Singapore Airport adapts to the Covid-19 period

The aviation industry stopped abruptly during the coronavirus pandemic. And yet, perhaps many are wondering what happens to the best airport in the world?

Singapore’s Changi Airport has a huge sales center, a butterfly garden, a cinema and many other activities so loved by passengers – which is why it has been voted, since 2013, for years in a row, as the best in the world. .

But as passengers stopped traveling, all of these facilities risked collapsing. At that moment the airport started to get creative. “With the drastic reduction in the number of flights operated by the SIA Group, thanks to Covid-19, we have created unique activities that allow us to engage with our fans and customers during this time“, said Goh Choon Phong CEO in a statement.

Among the many activities during this period is serving a meal in the cabin of a parked Airbus 380. This activity will take place between October 24-25, a restaurant called A380 @Changi. The dishes can be chosen from a short menu of options, prepared by the famous Singapore chef Shermay Lee.

If this experience is missed, there will be others scheduled for November, such as traveling in an airplane simulator with children. Moreover, some of the lounges at Changi Airport have been opened for people working remotely. Thus, for 18  dollars from Singapore (about 13 dollars ), people can spend up to 4 hours working in the Changi Jewel salon, serving a coffee, tea or pastries included, along with free WI-Fi.

Therefore, the airport is finding alternatives to make as little profit as possible in order to keep jobs and some of its activity in these times of crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic.