How are disinfected planes during the pandemic

Airlines take the disinfection procedure of airplanes very seriously in order to be able to travel and to ensure complete safety for passengers during the flight.

However, passengers and not only ask, “how safe and disinfected is the plane, how clean is it?” Airlines adapt very well and efficiently in the disinfection and cleaning process. The New York Times witnessed a complete disinfection of a Delta Air Lines plane at New York’s Kennedy International Airport.

In short, the whole process was meticulous enough that all germs and pathogens on the surfaces were removed. A crew of 9 people quickly and efficiently disinfected the aircraft cabin.

In the first stage, one of them entered the cabin and opened all the trays and air baskets. The windows opened halfway, which allowed the disinfectant to stick to both the window and the sides. With an electrostatic sprayer, the whole cabin is sprayed, from the toilets to the front. Throughout the disinfection, the staff wears a special suit, gloves and a protective mask. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.

After spraying, the rest of the team begins to wipe all surfaces, chairs, backrests, trays, armrests, side parts of the chairs, using spray bottles from the same disinfectant solution. If necessary, the floors are also vacuumed.

If an airplane stays on the ground for more than 8 hours, a deep cleaning takes place. In this process, each seat cushion is removed, the seats are vacuumed and the carpet is shampooed throughout the cabin.

How often are planes cleaned? Now, during the pandemic, they are disinfected more often than before. Cleaning and disinfection takes place after each flight. Basically, it adds a few extra minutes to the initial program.