How airlines keep customers during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is a very difficult period for the tourism industry, we could say that it is a challenge that has effectively prevented the return to normal activity.

The biggest blow to tourism came when most countries in the European Union closed their borders, launching a list of safe and unsafe countries in terms of the risk of infection with the new coronavirus.

There is currently no chronology about when the activity will be able to resume in the same conditions before the pandemic, therefore travel agencies cannot issue offers for groups for the future, because they do not know what will happen. Both airlines and travel companies are required to offer reimbursements to people whose vacation or travel has been postponed.

However, for them the big dilemma remains: how can they keep their loyal customers and how can they still attract new customers, given that people avoid traveling? And when they choose to travel, many tourist destinations are closed and no one knows what will happen next, including when the restrictions will end. People avoid making plans even for the next years, 2021 or even 2022.

Usually, the trips take place internally, in the country of origin, too few travelers opt for trips outside the country during this period. It is estimated that next year air travel will be 73% lower than in 2019, until there is a safe measure of prevention, such as the case of an anti-covid vaccine 19.

When it comes to airline strategies, communication is vital – keep in touch with customers through webinars, email newsletters or any other source of information to help people keep up with changing domestic and international orientations. the high. Provide information and topics about the latest news, about destinations available during this period, about hotels that offer certain facilities and any other suggestions to help maintain a good collaboration with passengers.