Heathrow officially apologizes for technical issues

Heathrow London Airport officially apologizes after it was “hit” by IT technical issues, which led to airport chaos, flight delays and cancellations.

One of the passengers mentioned that there was a complete chaos after the technical errors, after the gates system did not work anymore, so the auxiliary personnel needed to intervene to board the passengers.

But on Sunday night the airport announced that the problems had been resolved and that the systems had returned to normal. During this time, however, British Airways, the largest airline in Heathrow, canceled 20 flights.

The airport’s official excuses came in a tweet, which reads: “Today’s technical issue has been resolved and Heathrow systems are back to normal. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our teams will continue to monitor our systems and will be up to date. available to assist passengers as we work to resume our regular operations. ”

Apparently, air traffic control was not affected by the technical problems reported at Heathrow airport, but they supplemented the flight delays, especially when they came on a busy weekend, when the weather conditions were unfavorable.

Several passengers complained that they had delayed, canceled flights or even “woke up” that the plane left without them due to the fact that departures at the port of departure were not updated.

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