Experts say that without the middle seat, the spread of Covid 19 would be halved in the plane

The risk of infection with the new Covid 19, experts say, is halved if the middle seat is not used in the cockpit of a plane, experts say.

As the number of illnesses decreases, more and more countries are cutting back from mandatory prevention measures to get the economy back on its feet. And yet, some countries are still reserved in opening malls, restaurants, leisure centers. But the sector most affected by the pandemic is the aviation sector.

The pandemic has led to huge financial losses. In the US alone there have been losses of 252 billion dollars. Therefore, the aviation industry is resumed with caution, trying to restart it in small steps and with as many safety measures as possible.

Some American air carriers have mentioned that they will occupy the middle seat if there is demand (American, Spirit, United Airlines), while other companies, such as Delta, JetBlue, Alaska or Southwest Airlines have decided to keep the middle seat free. .

The policy of social distance through the middle seat will be maintained by some airlines at least until September 1. However, the representatives of the other companies claim that this measure is not effective, and that in an airplane there must be at least six meters distance from each other to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

However, some experts, such as Professor Arnold Barnett, who have conducted studies in this regard, say that leaving the chair in the middle free reduces the risk of coronavirus infection by half. Also, social distance must be maintained, by observing hygiene measures during embarkation and disembarkation and when going to the toilet.

The population at high risk of coronavirus infection, ie people over 65 in particular and those suffering from certain comorbidities, are advised to stay at home and avoid travel and crowded areas of any kind as much as possible.