Everything you need to know about Lufthansa cancelled flights

Did you experienced some Lufthansa cancelled flights?

If you had your flight cancelled than you most certainly are having a bad day. Luckily for you the European Union has issued a regulation that comes to support passenger such as yourself. This stands against the abuse of airlines companies that think that your time and comfort it is not that important. Lufthansa cancelled flights makes no exception.

On that note the EC 261/2004 regulation states that you must receive up to 600 EUR in compensation. This is available for each passenger on your booking, children included. Of course in order for you to obtain that you must consider some procedures and factors first.

The main thing that you have to take into consideration is the fact that whether your claim is eligible or not. I am sure that you’ve already scoured the internet about you lufthansa cancelled flights. In searching for information regarding this matter you may be surprised on what you can encounter. But when comes to airlines that have basically unlimited resources, every fact and regulation are quite loosely interpreted.


Don’t let the money from Lufthansa cancelled flights slip from you

The main defense, that airlines like to invoke, is the extraordinary circumstances. They do this quite often and trying to refuse to pay compensations became in some way a skill for many. Regarding these “extraordinary circumstances” someone has to be diligently measure them, verified and challenged. Otherwise the only things you will cash in after your horrible experience are most likely just some excuses.

Even if we are talking about weather conditions or air traffic control’s fault or airport strikes, every aspect need to be carefully analyze in order to determine if the nature of your cancellation if covered but the severity of such events. For example in some cases a delay would suffice just the same as cancelled flights.

But not just extraordinary circumstances affect Lufthansa flights. You should know that the most common reason for such cancellations is the technical problems. It is almost impossible for an airline to excuse an occurrence like that.