Do you have a flight? the safest place is the chair you sit on

When we talk about the chances of the coronavirus spreading, it seems to be endless. And during a plane flight, things seem more and more complicated, because there are various speculations about how to spread the new coronavirus in an airplane cabin.

And yet, aircraft cabins are thoroughly cleaned, including air baskets, windows, seats, armrests, tables, floors, the ceiling after each flight. Some airlines use ultraviolet light as part of cleaning protocols. And, contrary to what many speculate, air in airplanes is not infected and does not just mean recycling indoor air.

In fact, airplanes constantly suck in fresh oxygen from the outside and, in addition, the air inside is constantly filtered through hepa filters in hospitals. They capture 99.97% of the airborne particles and refresh the air every two to three minutes.

Until the pandemic, there were not as many precautions and hygiene as now. However, a Hepa filter does not provide protection against the sneeze of an infected person near you. Another possible infection may be when you board or disembark in the crowd. Thus, it is best to wait quietly in the chair, until the last person.

To avoid contact with sanitary ware or any surface in the cabin, it is recommended to have in your bag everything you think you would need during a flight.

Therefore, if you have to fly, the safest place is the one you sit on – do not rush to board or disembark to avoid congestion and avoid using the toilet or other public space as much as possible.