Copenhagen Airport reduces jobs as traffic decreases

Copenhagen Airport is starting to reduce jobs as air traffic drops. Demand is low for domestic and international flights due to the Covid 19 pandemic, which is why airports are forced to downsize.

Copenhagen’s airports are run by probably the best operators in the world. They state that Covid 19’s survival plan includes the potential to reduce a quarter of its staff.

They also say that this crisis will last for some time and things will not return to normal for a long time. Thus, they must ensure their long-term competitive power, but organize their activity with a lower number of employees. Thus, a reduction of 650 people out of the total staff of approximately 2600 is taken into account.

The company’s CEO, Thomas Woldbye, says that this is the saddest decision, which will be officially confirmed starting next week, but it is a necessary one for maintaining the operations and the future financial position of the airport. However, he states, “In particular, due to the latest expansion of the wage compensation scheme, we now have more information about future travel patterns, and therefore we may not have to dismiss as many people as possible. otherwise necessary “.

However, he said, given current air traffic flow trends, the staff reduction measure may need to be implemented. Many sources predict that air traffic would return to normal only in 2022-2024.

We need to prepare for a period of low activity so that, as an airport, we can remain a competitive and attractive hub in northern Europe“, says Woldbye.