Budapest Airport opens a new pier for its passengers

Budapest Airport has inaugurated a new passenger runway, the building being described as one of the gems in the ranking of airport development projects.

Pillar 1 was completed by June 23 for passengers at Ferenc Liszt International Airport, who have been operating flight operations since August 12.

The building is 11,500 square meters, so it allows passengers to spend time before boarding in a spacious and friendly environment, which fully meets current epidemiological criteria.

According to airport officials, the building cost $ 39.3 billion, and the work was completed in a record time of just 339 days.

The building already has a newspaper and book store, and a cafe is about to open in the coming weeks. A duty-free Heinemann store will also open in early October.

Currently, Pier 1 can accommodate up to 5,000 passengers. Budapest Airport General Manager Dr. Rolf Schnitzler said: “I am very proud of the new pier and the feedback we receive from passengers, airline partners and transport operators who are completely satisfied with the new facility. This building is one of the cornerstones of our series of airport development projects, which have been underway for more than a year and clearly demonstrate that continuously improving the quality of services is our priority“.

In one year, over 100 million euros were spent on development, and its representatives say that the works will continue in the coming years. The management of the airport is done in such a way as to continuously improve the experience and facilities of the passengers, followed by the position of the best airport in the region, from all points of view.