Bucharest airport takes precautionary measures to prevent the spread of conoravirus

The company dealing with the management of the airports in Bucharest has recently taken the decision to disinfect the transit areas of the passengers every 4 hours. This made hand sanitizer available at Henri Coanda International Airport, as one of the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Also, passengers arriving from China are required to complete several forms and questionnaires. At the same time, information leaflets are distributed throughout the airport. At the same time, the number of doctors monitoring passengers landing in China has increased.

The set of precautionary measures has been developed together with the Ministry of Health, the Public Health Directorate and the General Inspectorate of Border Police, CNAB announces.

Also in the category of precautionary measures, the Government has announced that it will purchase personal protective equipment, negative pressure isolation chambers, cardio-respiratory support and disinfection substances.

In the European Union, coronavirus cases have been reported in France, Spain and Italy, but no country near Romania has yet reported such symptoms.

Meanwhile, the Romanian Post has announced that it will temporarily suspend all deliveries to China, after the airlines it worked with have decided to cancel flights because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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