Bucharest Airport announces modernization works

The main airport of the Romanian capital, Bucharest, named “Henri Coanda”, announced the start of modernization and rehabilitation works worth over 5 million euros. The rehabilitation will take place especially on the runways of Otopeni airport.

The redevelopment work for the Delta taxiway has a design term of 2 months and an execution term of 6 months. The warranty period of the work will be 9 years and aims to reduce maintenance costs, therefore the warranty period as long as possible reduces the maintenance cost of the Delta road.

Alexandru Ivan, the director of CNAB, made a statement through which he explained that “Without the complete restoration, without the capital works on the Delta taxiway, the works on Track 2 could not start because during the period when track number 2, track number 1 will be closed will take over all traffic. The road has a 9-year warranty. The contract we have made will reduce maintenance costs and repairs during the 9-year warranty period“.

The rehabilitation project obviously aims to facilitate passenger mobility at the airport. Although at the moment the project is only at an early stage, in the stage of drafting the documents, the representatives hope that it will be carried out according to the plan and that the works will be completed.

The company has investment funds, so it is interested in using them as well as possible, because there is an increase in air traffic at Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest. Of course, the rise was visible before the coronavirus pandemic, but representatives are confident that the drop in traffic is temporary and things will return to normal.