British Airways for EC261/2004

British Airways flight delay compensation claim

British Airways flight delay compensation is something that every passenger flying with this airline is entitling to in case of a flight disruption. According to the EU Regulation 261/2004 an airline that does not meet their obligations to their respective passengers are due to reimburse them. This requires paying certain compensations.

A British Airways compensation consists under these rules in a payment of 250 EUR to 600 EUR. This takes place under certain and specific conditions. All of them must weigh in before filling such claim.

A British delay compensation for example requires that the passenger’s flight to be delayed at least for 3 hours. Any other amount of time under this interval is reasonable delay and it will not qualify for compensation.

In the same way we can talk about British Airways cancelled flight compensation, in which case you get the same amount of money just like for a delayed flight. However not every claim is eligible. That is because you need to consider the extraordinary circumstances that exempt the airline from certain obligations.

British Airways cancelled flight compensation claim

Let’s say that you are filling a complaint for a British cancelled flight compensation. In case of extremely bad wheatear or a security incident you won’t be able to make the company to reimburse you any sum of money whatsoever.

This regulation sometimes can prove to passengers to be a little challenging. Because of that the best solution for you to obtain your British Airways delayed flight compensation is to delegate a legal company that provides such services. Without knowing the procedures and legislation sometimes is difficult to know when you are in your rights or not.

Normally a British delayed flight compensation has more chances of success if professionals will deal with your case. If you chose this path you must know that except filling a simple form there will be no other effort from your part. Such nuisance not only that will be eliminated but also you won’t risk your own money. Pursuing your rights in a claim can bare a risk. This risk becomes significant in case that your claim is not eligible. You only pay the fee to a legal representative only if they win your case.

On this site we provide all the necessary tools and services in order for you to retrieve your rightful compensation. Fill in a form and our company will get in touch with you to assist with your case.