Berlin or Madrid – what to choose in a weekend adventure

Berlin or Madrid? it is a question that many travel agents receive when it comes to choosing a city break. Without a doubt, both cities are particularly beautiful, with a vast culture that is worth seeing. However, the dilemma remains if you can afford to get into just one of them.

There is a lot of information about both cities, but little is said about which is the best tourist destination, depending on your criteria. Here are some opinions to help you choose the right tourist destination.

Madrid – is a cultural, artisanal, original European city. Its galleries, monuments, historical museums are unmatched. But this is not all. Under this feature, Madrid is also a passionate, exciting city, waiting to be discovered along with its beauties.

However, to visit and get to know the beauties of Madrid, you need a long journey. In a city-break you will see only the most important tourist objectives, without going into the depths of the city.

As a tip, avoid the holidays in Madrid in August, the month in which the city “stops” for the summer holidays.

Berlin – is a big city, full of life, is the modern heart of Germany, although it is full of history and creative culture. The ruins of Berlin are an important tourist spot, with murals and graffiti. Beyond that, Berlin is full of cafes and jazz items, cobbled parks or greenery.

Berlin is one of those vibrant metropolises that always seems to have an ace up its sleeve. And here, the time is too short for a city break, you could spend a few months without getting bored.

In either of these two cities there are Uber, tamvai, bus or train to get from one end to the other. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, it is recommended to avoid travel for tourist purposes abroad, because there is a risk of changing the laws in force, so that you are forced to stay in quarantine in the destination country for 14 days.