An airport in Finland uses dogs to detect Covid 19

In the United Arab Emirates, canine tests are performed, similar to those in Finland for police dogs, which have the ability to detect people infected with the new coronavirus.

Thus, studies show that these dogs can detect the disease up to 5 days before patients show clinical symptoms.

Finland’s Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has begun using trained dogs to detect people infected with the new coronavirus in volunteer passengers. So, after a person arrives at the airport and leaves his luggage, he is taken to wipe his neck with a gauze to collect sweat samples. The gauze is left in a special box that is taken to another room where the detective dogs are, to be evaluated.

If the dogs detect a possible positive case, the person is taken to perform an appropriate test to confirm or refute the diagnosis.

All this action is sponsored by a private canine clinic in Finland, which trains 10-15 dogs daily for the airport. Studies have found that these dogs can detect the disease 5 days before the person has symptoms.

For months, some international airports have introduced protocols to help detect the virus, including nasal tests, temperature measurements or saliva tests. However, in the United States, tests have been carried out with canine breeds similar to those in Finland, which are police dogs.

Of course, the conclusive results are only in the blood, but such a method can help more quickly detect those asymptomatic people who can spread the new coronavirus.