Airlines say it’s safe to fly during Covid 19 pandemic

The airlines say that you can’t really spread the new Coronavirus on the plane, because there are a lot of hepa filters and hygiene measures that avoid this. Of course, this is not 100% certain.

To cope with the global crisis due to the new Coronavirus, airlines have begun to pull very low prices on ticket sales. For example, JetBlue made an offer in early August for just $ 20 for travel between New York and Detroit or from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Other airlines, also from America, made price offers for as much as 6 dollars a ticket.

All travel offers involve exposure to the risk of infection with Covid 19, the virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of people globally and more than 170,000 Americans in the past week alone.

Airlines are among the most affected industries due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are trying their best to survive and maintain their employees, although air traffic has fallen by more than 66% over the previous year in the same period.

The largest US airlines lost more than  10 billion dollars between April and June, the Associated Press reports. Many airlines still manage to survive and not make mass layoffs because they have received pandemic-specific subsidies from member governments as part of the CARES Act passed in March this year. Thus, airlines that have received such subsidies are not allowed to make mass layoffs until October.

Therefore, the companies that received this subsidy agreed to maintain a certain standard of service, regardless of passenger demand, which is why they launched very small offers, such as the flight of only $ 6.

Airlines in the United States and beyond have adapted to the new flight conditions by ensuring and implementing all aircraft hygiene and disinfection measures. Staff wear masks and gloves throughout the flight.

The chance of any specific individual boarding a plane sitting next to an infected host and contacting the virus is low“, said Dr. Robin Thompson, a mathematical epidemiologist at Oxford University who researched the role of air travel in viral outbreaks. “However, when many people travel, the likelihood of some infections occurring – and the risk of the virus being transported between countries by any of those individuals – is no longer negligible“.