Airline reimbursement system during Covid 19

EU airlines are facing serious and critical problems from passengers and beyond, with regard to reimbursements for customers whose flights have been postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to statistics, the industry would owe more than 24 billion euros for canceled flights, which is why passengers demand more transparency and clarity regarding how to repay the amounts due.

Slowly but surely, trips to the European space are resuming their activity, after a long period of closing the borders. The airlines expect an increase in air traffic and, of course, revenues, both of which fell sharply between March and July.

However, there are many untold stories about the frustration of passengers struggling to get their money back from tickets purchased before the pandemic. Although regular flights are likely to return to normal, the aviation industry is now campaigning to change regulations that could help it recover from the financial collapse.

Airlines firmly say there is no money to reimburse passenger tickets for canceled flights. Basically, they say, the virus wiped out a decade of solid profits for the sector, which had recovered very well after the September 11 terrorist attacks and the great recession of 2008.

The International Air Transport Association predicts that aviation will have the largest loss in history, estimated at $ 84 billion in 2020 and over $ 16 billion in 2021.

Throughout the pandemic, airlines had to leave their aircraft on the ground and cancel hundreds of flights, with no alternative. According to statistics, 66.6% of flights were canceled in April-May in America, while in Europe, in the same period, the percentage reached 90.4%. In all, more than 150 million passengers were affected by flight cancellations due to the new coronavirus.