Air France delay and cancellation spree continues. What to expect next?

The union in charge with the Air France personnel announces that they had not reached an accord with the managers. As a result another 4 days of strike will add to the current situation. And the future does not look bright. April is going to be a tough month both for passenger and for investors. If the airline workers won’t see an increase in their salaries then more problems are to arise.

Many passengers already took their discontent on twitter. Many got to see their flight canceled or suffer from considerable delays. Such practice and difficulty that an airline faces affect the lives of millions EU passengers every year. Many showed their discontent towards this mainly because the travelers are not entitled to compensation. Such situations falls in the category of exceptional circumstances making any claim for c compensation void.

Delayed flight compensation claims not in sight for passenger suffering from strikes

When you putt all the numbers together you see that the airline walks away with billions of euros in compensation money. Although these sums were by right belonging to passengers, thanks to this legal way it will go now in someone else pockets. Many believe that it is time now that the regulation needs to be changed in order to represent the interest of the consumer. The EC 261/2004 was and still is a game changer but we need to make more progress now.

People plans and businesses are being affected by such disputes and therefore someone needs to reimburse them. Like this airlines will learn once and for all that they have to do everything in their power to ensure the providing of a quality service.

But up until things will take new turn for the best passengers will be in difficult situations. Delayed flight compensation would help some of them but looks like there will be some time before anything good will happen. Hopefully you will get lucky and not suffer from the effects of these strikes.