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The most important information that you need to provide here is the flight number. It is represented usually by a combination of 2 or 3 characters and numbers. For example: KL, HGT, or even D6.

Then after that there is a serial number of 3 or 4 characters. It shouldn’t be very hard to notice it.

Based on this piece of information our data base will determine if your problem qualifies as: delayed flight, cancelled flight, boarding denial, diverted flight etc. Basically it will 100% determine if your claim in case on the EU delayed flight compensation regulation.

These are the main factors that we will determine with our calculations. First we must see if your flight delay falls in one of the following 3 conditions:

  1. Flights from an EU country to a country outside EU
  2. From countries outside EU to EU destinations
  3. Flights inside EU

The second main important thing that we will determine will be the length of your waiting time during your delayed flight.

Delayed Flight Compensation Claim

Relay your information onto us with confidence knowing that we have a 97% success rate. Also we can solve your case in a matter of 100 days on average if the airline decides to take us to court. It usually does.

We will determine the validity of your claim. Also we will transmit to you how much money you are able to get from your claim.

If you don’t have all the detail at hand our team will be more than happy to assist you via telephone. We will guide you every step of the way with maximum consideration to make sure that you will get what is rightfully yours. Fill up the form and let’s get started.


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