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Air Malta flight compensation

When a global IT computer outage takes place, it leads to a great number of delays and cancellations. Thousands of air passengers could be affected, and the airline will try everything to ease the situation. Did you purchase flight tickets at Air Malta, and a computer glitch disrupted your air travel? Find here what are your rights and if you should claim flight compensation from Air Malta.


Are you entitled to flight delay compensation in case of computer failure?

With a fleet of 9 Airbus aircraft that transport passengers to about 40 destinations, Air Malta is a relatively small airline. In the last year, they transported approximately 300 thousand passengers in both international and domestic flights. The AirClaim experts advise that if you were one of these travellers, and your trip to a European destination was delayed or cancelled, you are still entitled to flight delay/cancellation compensation.

According to EU 261, if your delay is more than 3 hours, and the distance of the air travel is more than 3,500 km, you can be entitled to flight delay compensation up to 600 EUR.

But airlines such as Air Malta don’t just willingly hand out reimbursements as soon as the delay time exceeds 3 hours. The AirClaim staff explains that the reason for the delay matters – and if it wasn’t under Air Malta’s control, they wave their obligation to provide compensation for the delayed flight.

“Extraordinary circumstances” are the situations that prevent you from bringing a claim against the airline for reimbursement. Here is a list of the most common extraordinary circumstances:

  • computer glitches
  • natural disasters
  • hidden manufacturing defects
  • airport security issues
  • acts of terrorism and sabotage
  • military unrest
  • adverse weather conditions

These situations cause the delay or cancellation of the air travel, but the European legislation doesn’t protect you if you fly to or from an EU destination. You won’t get compensation for the delayed/cancelled flight. When you are not sure whether you qualify or not for writing your claim for flight delay compensation, give us a sign – the AirClaim team is happy to help.


When to claim flight cancellation compensation

When your flight is cancelled, and you find about it less than 14 days before the departure, Air Malta should provide compensation for your inconvenience. If it was due to a computer failure, the airline isn’t obligated to provide reimbursement. They will, however, offer vouchers and try to ease your situation.

Other situations that could trigger the cancellation of a flight – and when the airline must pay compensation – include mechanical problems, missing aircraft, or lack of passengers. What you have to do is get a written statement from the Air Malta staff, then upload your ticket on the AirClaim calculator.

Requesting and receiving flight compensation from Air Malta is easier when you hire the experts from AirClaim. Whether the delay or cancellation was due to a small computer hiccup, a massive network outage, severe meteorological conditions, or security risks, you may be eligible to flight compensation – or at least a refund and complimentary vouchers for food and drinks. Contact the AirClaim team, and find what you can do about your air passenger rights!