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Air France flight compensation

Did you know that if you travelled with Air France one year ago, and your airplane reached the final destination with more than 3 hours delay, you are entitled to flight compensation from Air France? The experts from AirClaim are here to tell you what to do if you lost your time waiting at the airport – and it all took place one year ago.


Can you claim flight delay compensation one year after the event?

Air France, or AIRFRANCE, is the flag carrier of France with the headquarters in Tremblay-en-France. The founding member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance has a fleet of 210 aircraft that operates international and domestic flights to over 200 destinations. Air France carried over 100 million passengers in 2018, setting a new record for the air company. Unfortunately, not all of their air journeys were without incidents. Delays and cancellations occurred, every once in a while, and several passengers were denied boarding on the AIRFRANCE plane due to overbooking.

Have been in this situation? The AirClaim specialists tell you that if it happened one year ago, you might still be eligible for flight delay compensation from the airline. According to EU 261, if your air trip was delayed by more than three hours, and the reason for the disruption was under Air France responsibility, they should compensate you for your inconvenience.

How far back can you claim flight delay compensation in France? Their legislation protects air passengers for longer – and you could get reimbursement up to 5 years after the flight. What you need is your flight documents and to be able to prove how long you waited until you reached the final destination. How much money can you claim from Air France? Depending on the distance and how long was the trip delayed, you can get up to 600 EUR.


Will you receive flight cancellation compensation if you took a replacement flight?

If Air France sent notice of the cancellation less than 14 days of the scheduled travel, your flight reservation was confirmed, and the arrival time of the replacement flight was considerably different to the original air trip, they should compensate you. Enter your information on the AirClaim online calculator and find how much you should claim flight cancellation compensation from AIRFRANCE.

In the first instance, if your original air journey is cancelled, they will provide re-route. In other words, Air France will give you the opportunity to take an alternative flight that would bring you to your business or vacation holiday. It doesn’t exonerate the airline of paying flight rerouted compensation – especially if you arrive with a delay of more than three hours, and your travel was more than 1,500 km.

Ask the AirClaim team about your situation. Give them the details of your original flight, why it was delayed, and the options provided by Air France. Did the airline crew offer complimentary drinks and food? Were you forced by circumstances to pay for accommodation? Whether it happened a few days back, last year, or 5 years ago, you are entitled to flight compensation from Air France.