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Air Europa flight compensation

Flights are sensitive operations and, when the plane is up in the air, every part of it must be in perfect condition. Did a computer glitch or a mechanical issue trigger the delay or cancellation of your flight with Air Europa? You might be eligible for reimbursement. Here’s everything you need to know about claiming flight compensation from Air Europa.


Time limits of flight delay compensation

The third largest airline in Spain operates approximately 50 domestic and international flights to business and leisure destinations. Air Europa’s fleet includes 52 aircraft that transport over 9 million passengers a year. Did you book your trip with this Skyteam Alliance member, and your air journey was disrupted? You might be entitled to flight delay compensation from Air Europa.

It doesn’t matter if your air trip delay/cancellation was last month or last year. If you have proof that the disruption was under the airline’s control, you can get reimbursement for delayed or cancelled flight, according to EU regulation 261. Here are several disruption causes that make you eligible for flight reimbursement from Air Europa:

  • Technical problems
  • Crew rest requirements
  • Pilot unfit to fly
  • Lack of passengers

If this was the reason behind the delay, you should claim flight delay compensation from the airline. The experts from AirClaim will contact Air Europa for you and give the airline a strict term to pay claims before issuing legal proceedings against them.

If some airlines pay reimbursement really quickly, others have a bad habit of fobbing off claims and just ignore the passengers’ request. When the legal proceedings are issued, the air company will pay flight compensation within a maximum of 4 months. As for the time limit to fill your claim to the airline, it depends on the country where you request reimbursement – where the headquarters of the airline is – and it ranges from 1 to 6 years.


Are you eligible for flight cancellation compensation from Air Europa?

Give us the details of your air travel with Air Europa, and we will tell you if you are eligible for flight delay/cancellation compensation. AirClaim recommends making a claim as soon as possible, as you may forget to collect some data – such as the exact time of departure, arrivals, how long the delay was, how much you spent at the airline for food and drinks, etc.

When did Air Europa notify you of the cancellation? If they sent notice less than 14 days before the air travel, the reason of the annulment was under the airline’s responsibility, you have a confirmed confirmation for your flight, and the entire experience took place in the last 3 years, you should fill their application form to claim flight cancellation compensation.

Contact AirClaim and let us help you to receive flight compensation from Air Europa faster. Provide us the details of your air trip along with your expenses, and we will tell you how much the airline owes you. Let us do all the work! Introduce your information in the AirClaim calculator, and find when you’ll receive compensation for your disrupted flight!